Mini Scented Tree Decorations pt.1

Christmas seems to come around so quickly, it’s almost like some years, you only just get over the hustle and bustle of it all before you’re thinking about it again.

Shops are starting their Christmas displays earlier and earlier and if that’s not enough, Christmas party booking signs start appearing in restaurants and bars halfway through the summer.

While I am one to roll my eyes at all this, I can sometimes see the point in it all.

For us as consumers we often want to get the present buying, party booking and general festive decoration buying out the way quickly, and when prompted we are more likely to do so.

But for me Christmas has never been much of a big deal, so buying presents has always just been something done when we had the time, and in past years not only I have been the single family member to put up and decorate the tree, but often the only festive party we go to is if we take my Nan out to a nice restaurant.

In response to my Christmas’ being really quite boring, despite the whole theme of Christmas being about joy and celebration, I decided to make a few traditions I would like my family to have the excitement of taking part in with little cost, because sometimes having a tight budget makes things some challenging.

1. To make Christmas presents  – last year it was initialed stockings and this year it’s mini scented decorations they can hang on the tree. The idea was to make something they can use again and again, and something that doesn’t cost much to make (minus the labour, but that part of the present).

2. To add a decoration to the tree every year – My husband and I received some money off vouchers for a ceramic painting cafe when we got married and we used them to create 4 small baubles. For each year we are married we will add 2 more, one for each of us and then our children can add their own handmade baubles. And you know what? Those pasta, glitter and I don’t know what else they put in them baubles will look great along side the other memory jogging random junk, and it will be beautiful, because it will be ours.

3. Finding the best gifts possible, with the smallest amount of money. Something useful or pretty doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive.

And so from a slightly sad Christmas experience, I have, along with help and encouragement from my husband, managed to selvage Christmas and so when I do see the shops getting their Christmas on, it makes me excited for the projects ahead.


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