Hessian is an underrated fabric

Pink hessian dress frontPink hessian dress side (right)Pink hessian dress backPink hessian dress side (left)

Today I finished making this dropped waist asymmetric circle skirt dress out of a pink  hessian I’ve had laying around for years!

I got the idea after watching a London Fashion Week backstage show on BBC iPlayer and one of the designers had make a blazer out of hessian. So I though I’d give it a go.

I chose a dropped waist style dress because hessian can be a difficult fabric to move in and this doesn’t cling to the torso. It does bunch up when you sit down, but in a way that isn’t irritating.

The circle skirt was an interesting one, I’m not sure how I managed it, but I made the waist radius way too big, but instead of recutting I made this into a feature, and LOVE the outcome.

The skirt is simply hemmed with a zig zag stitch in pink, but the arm holes and neck line are hemmed with velvet ribbon to reduce itching around those areas. You could also use bias binding, but you need to be careful about stretching the hessian on curves.

I made the pattern myself using a simple block and measuring where I wanted the dress to fit.

Potential changes: making the body more fitted, this may reduce the a mind of bunching when sitting. Fully lining the dress in a nude cotton to reduce itching.


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