Simple Wrap Skirt

We’re using our skirt sloper from yesterday to create a simple wrap skirt in today’s tutorial.

image                    image                    image

How to make the pattern:

Created a 3cm waist band to be cut twice on the fold. Front and back.

Had a simple back panel (minus the 3cm from the waist).

Created two front panels; a smaller panel with diagonal centre line, a larger panel with opposing diagonal line, they should cross part way down your thigh. The sharper the diagonal, the higher the slit.

I also created a triangle to put in the slit, to create the illusion of there being an under skirt.

Wrap Skirt:

1.Measure, mark and cut the fabric.

2. Measure, mark and sew darts.

3. Sew back waistbands to back skirt panel.

4. Sew slit opening hems.

5. Sew front overlap down.

6. Sew on front waistbands.

7. OPTIONAL. Sew in triangle.

8. Sew in zip.

9. Sew remaining side seam beneath zip.


10. Sew other side seam.

11. Sew waistband lining to zip, and snip corner.


12. Sew waistband seams together.


13. Sew skirt hem.


14. Give the whole skirt a press and wear your new skirt out for dinner.



If you’re using striped fabric like me, make sure to have the stripes going in the same direction, but to add interest, have them going in the opposite direction around the waistband.

Try altering the length of the skirt, this one I made to fit just above the knee, but there is no reason it wouldn’t look fantastic at mid calf length.

Add some interesting trimming. Ric rac or edging might add an opulence to the skirt, suitable for evening or party wear.


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