Baby Slippers

To finish off this week, I thought I would raid my bookshelf and find a crochet slipper pattern. While I know I have previously posted about crochet slippers, I thought I would try another pair, in a different style.

This pair of baby slippers comes from the Cute and Easy Crochet book by Nicki Trench:


And the pattern I was looking at was Baby Slippers:


This is how they turned out:


This pattern is taken from a beginners book and so the pattern isn’t overly complex, however I did feel that it was a little loose. It might have been down to the gauge of wool and hook I was using, but for simple slippers you can’t really go wrong. The base is sturdy and can be padded out with some EVA for added bounce, but the best bit is the edging that so simply replicates the frill on the top of socks that are popular at the moment.


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