Suitcase Dog Bed

I love making gifts for people, and if I’m given the opportunity I take it and run!

Over the summer my parents-in-law got a new puppy, and while I’m super excited about the adorable fluffy ball of fun, equally I didn’t want to pass up and opportunity to gift something to the new arrival.

Today I’m going to show you how I made Gracie’s Suitcase Dog Bed.

What you’ll need:

Suitcase Dog Bed

For the Suitcase

Suitcase ( I got mine for £5 from a second hand[thrift] store)

Saw (I used both a coping saw and a hard point, but as long as you keep your cutting straight it shouldn’t matter)

Pencil, rubber and ruler

Silent stay/Lid stay (mine’s from B&Q)

Screws, bolts and washers

Feet (Optional, I got mine from Ebay)

Hardboard sheet

Hand drill and bit

For the bed

Sewing machine


Zip (You can use velcro, but BEWARE of the dog hair!)

Foam (Much easier if you can get it cut to size, I used The Foam Shop)


Wash-in Waterproofing (optional)

Heavy duty plain fabric (e.g. calico or canvas)

Upholstery fabric (not satin, baroque or jaquared)

There’s alot I know, but I’m being through!

The suitcase:

Suitcase Dog Bed                        Suitcase Dog Bed

1.Measure, mark and cut the hardwood sheet to fit snuggily inside the suitcase. If it’s too loose it won’t support the feet.

Suitcase Dog Bed

2. Position hardwood inside the suitcase. You want to really squeeze this in, to make sure it’s secure.

Suitcase Dog Bed                          Suitcase Dog Bed                         Suitcase Dog Bed

3. OPTIONAL. Drill through hardwood base and suitcase bottom. You want to use a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the screw you will use to connect the feet.

Suitcase Dog Bed                        Suitcase Dog Bed

4. OPTIONAL. Attach feet, using flat head screws.

Suitcase Dog Bed

5. Positional silent stay and mark holes. You want to position the silent stay with the best angle for the lid, can get a little filly, but it worth the effort.

6. Drill holes in side and lid.

Suitcase Dog Bed

7. Attach the silent stay, using screws, bolts and nuts.

The cushion:

Suitcase Dog Bed

1.Ensure wadding is cut to size. The corners on my suitcase were really rounded, so I used the hard point saw to create a curved corner. It was messy, but did the job.

Suitcase Dog Bed

2. You then want to place the wadding on top of the foam, I did this to allow the puppy more wriggle room, but if your foam is really soft you might not need this.

Suitcase Dog Bed

3. Using the foam and wadding pair I measured for the fabric case, leaving a little room for seam allowance and comfort.

If you are an advanced sewer you can create the case for the cushion, but for hose who are less experienced, you can create a simple wrapped cover.

Suitcase Dog Bed

5. Insert the zip.

Suitcase Dog Bed

6. Sew up the cushion cover.

Suitcase Dog Bed                    Suitcase Dog Bed

7. Repeat without zip, for the inside cover.

Tip: Prewash your fabric before sewing, to ensure shrinkage is minimized.

Suitcase Dog Bed

8. Assemble the cushion. Depending on the size of your suitcase, cushion and zip, this might be a squeeze.

Suitcase Dog Bed

9. Place cushion in suitcase.

10. Release the hounds!!


I have also thought about those extra things, that might make the suitcase dog bed more personal to you and your pup:

Paint the suitcase if you can’t get it in the right colour/pattern.

Create multiple covers, so when puppy makes a mess, they can still sleep in a comfy clean bed.

Add accessories to the lid, personalise it with bunting!

Sew some clips and rings onto the inside of the lid to store toys, leads and other little bits for your puppy.

Make a second smaller suitcase for their food and water bowl.


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