Simple Sleeved Top

I think my favourite type of top is a short sleeved t-shirt. Long sleeve come in at a close second. With this in mind, I thought that today I’d show you how I made this short sleeve t-shirt using out basic bodice sloper and sleeve sloper from yesterday.

I’ve used a lot of zips in my previous posts, so I thought I would show you how you can create a good looking garment, with a different type of fastening.

image                    image


To create the pattern for this top, I moved the dart from the edge of the neckline to under the arm, this creates a more subtle line on the top. I removed the waist darts and elongated the length of the top, to ensure the top doesn’t ride up, you should ensure the hem is wider than the hip girth.

For the sleeves, I lowered the crown height to a more gentle curve and widened the width slightly.



1.Measure, mark and cut the fabric.


2. Mark darts.


3. Sew darts.


4. Sew shoulder seams together.


5. Sew in sleeve crowns.


6. Sew side back seam and side seams, include the sleeve seam.


7. Hem sleeves.


8. Hem neckline, make sure to sew over the back seam at the base of the slit, this will secure the fabric.


9. Create a small tube of fabric and stitch to the right neck opening.

image                    image

10. On the left neck opening sew on a button.


11. Hem the top and press.




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