Exhibition Review – Camper: Life On Foot

At the Design Museum in London this month is the Camper: Life on Foot exhibition, which I have had the pleasure of visiting.

image                    image

The exhibition was set up to show what Camper stands for, and innovative footwear that Camper is well known for contributing to. I went into this exhibition knowing of Camper, but not actually understanding what they stood for or really about their shoes. I was pleasantly surprised at how much Camper has contributed to in the transformation and innovation of footwear, while still respecting the craftsmanship of shoe making.

The displays were interesting and included some fantastic examples of where they have collaborated with designers to create interesting and original designs. A few of my favourites were a pair of shoes made in collaboration with Rachel Comey, using Raffia to embroider the shoes, giving a totally unique texture and colour to an otherwise plain sandal.

image                    image

A pair of shoes made in collaboration with Veronique Branquinho, which are not only smart, but also interchangeable with the shoes being able to be worn as a slipper or a shoe.

image                    image

And among their vast array of shoes some real ‘tennis’ shoes…


I think my all time favourite shoes from the exhibition have to be these however,


Made using plastic, the shape is highly architectural, but at the same time quite elegant. Probably not the most comfortable shoes to wear, but the engineering work that must have gone into these is admirable and shows that shoe design is developing with the technology. These shoes, along with a few others, are not made by Camper, but do show some of the same spirit of innovation that Camper has become known for. There were a number of other Textile innovations not only in this exhibition, but also at the Designer of the Year 2015 exhibition also on at the Design Museum at the time of my visit.

Over all I am pleased I went, and with the entrance price being £13 I can’t really complain.

The Camper:Life on Foot Exhibition is on until the 1st November 2015, so if you’re interested in Textile Innovation of just shoes in general, take a look.


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