Indian Inspired Outfit

Recap from V&A exhibition.

My local high-street is a treasure trove of second hand shops, at one point there were nine. We’re down to seven now and it’s hard not to have a peek inside when I’m dropping something off at the post office. A little while ago I was looking in one of the shops and saw this most amazing duet set. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the fabric was and for the price, I couldn’t resist. So I bought a double duvet set purely for the fabric. It’s a great way of getting cheap fabric, but it’s often a bit thin, so make sure you line anything you make with it.

image                image                image

Using the bodice, skirt and sleeve slopers from my previous posts I created a simple cropped short sleeved top and floor length high waist skirt. I’m not one for having my belly out and so I made sure the two over lapped slightly.

I was super pleased with the fit, this fabric was easy to work with and so didn’t slid around while sewing. However because of the way the fabric was cut for the duvet, the pattern was hard to match up and you can see this on the back and front skirt panels. The pattern isn’t centralized on either.

What I have learnt from this is, you can get some beautiful fabric from charity shops, that come in different forms such as curtains and duvets, but you probably should’t use them edge to edge as they may not be cut straight.


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