Simple Jumpsuit Pattern

I felt that seeing as I had made a dress which is a combination of the skirt and bodice sloper patterns, that I should make a jumpsuit to show what can be made with the bodice and trouser sloper patterns. It made sense on my head and lets face it, who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit.


This is what I am aiming for and tomorrow you will see if this is what I achieve. I’m not the most amazing fashion illustrator, but I do like to dabble in the odd working drawing.

This is a small version of the alterations I made to the sloper patterns.


The blue is the original and the orange is the modified.

You can see that the back bodice sloper hasn’t changed much, but that the neck line has been lowered slightly and widened. The front bodice has been changed the most. The darts have been combined into one waist dart, while this doesn’t allow for maximum shaping, it does smooth out the fabric. As for the trouser slopers, I have simply tapered in the hem to create a more slim shape. This should make the jumpsuit more in keeping with the trouser styles of the moment. Although wide leg trousers are making a steady come back.

Tomorrow I will show you how I made the jumpsuit.


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