Liberty Print Dress Design

I love Liberty of London. I love their fabric, I love the store. They even had a television show which, no guesses, I loved.

You will also, hopefully have seen that I went to their exhibition at the Fashion and Textiles Museum in London Bridge.

Liberty fabric for me, is ultimate femininity. And while I don’t always wear flowers, if I’m going all out girl, Liberty print is what I aspire to. With that in mind I have designed a dress that I think would make a beautiful Liberty fabric come to life.


I bought a dress a few years back and always got complimented on it, plus it fit me and suited my figure really well. This was my starting point.

The dress I own is a tea dress with a long skirt and square cut, deep neck line. I like the neckline, but often feel a little over exposed and so for this design I raised the neckline and in doing, turned it into a round neck to stop it from looking too hard or to exaggerate my broad shoulders. The princess seams also seem to soften the look of a dress and so this was a must, and I used the small V at the front of the neckline to give a little interest. The skirt starts at the waist, and by using box pleats I can create a full skirt that sits tightly to the figure. I had thought of making a short dress, but changed my mind, knee length would suit the style better. And I will also be creating a lower back on the dress to counter the higher front. I like my back and would rather have my back on show than my boobs.

Look out of how I made the pattern and a step-by-step of how I made the dress.


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