Liberty Print Dress Pattern


This is the pattern for the Liberty print dress design from yesterday.

You can see that I have created a princess seam on the bodice and the box pleated skirt below. This is not to scale.

To create the princess seam on the front bodice you just mark out the bottom half of the pattern the same as the sloper, up to the marker point on the armscye. Using the pivot point at the bust, pivot the pattern so that the dart closes at the neckline. Continue to draw the upper bodice from the marker point on the armscye to the neckline. You can of course change the neckline like I have and create a new design, but that is the basics of creating the princess dart points. I joined up the dart points with a curve.

For the box pleated skirt I measured my waist and chose a pleat width (64cm with 8cm pleats). For those who are quick at maths, you will know that 8 is a multiple of 64 and so calculating the number of pleats I would have on my skirt is easy, there would be 8. I wanted to have a full box pleat, meaning that the overlapped fabric would meet beneath the top fabric and so I needed to measure 8 sets of 8cm x 3. So he fabric for each box pleat would measure 24cm. You can see how I have only drawn half of the skirt pattern (4 sets of 3) as I can either add seam allowance and cut it twice, or draw around the pattern twice. Either way the desired width of fabric would be achieved. You will need seam allowance for the pleated skirt anyway as this will not be included in the original calculations.

Check in tomorrow to see the final dress and my step-by-step for how I put it together.


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