Liberty Print Dress Make

Over the last two days I’ve shown you both the design and pattern for the dress I have made from Liberty Print Fabric.

image     image

Today, I show you how I made it, so that you might think about making something similar for yourself.


1.Measure, mark and cut both lining and main fabric.


2. Prepare pleats on skirt; mark, pin and tack in place.

image                     image

3. Sew all back panels together. Main and lining.

image                    image

4. Sew all front panels together. Main and lining.

image                    image

5. Sew front bodice to front skirt at waist.


6. Sew back bodice to back skirt at waist.


7. Sew in zip to left side seam. First main, then lining leaving 3cm at the bottom of the lining.

image               image               image

8. Sew remaining left side seam and whole right side seam, main and lining.

9. Sew lining to main fabric at neckline and arm holes leaving 3cm at the shoulder seams. Turn through to right side and press.

image                   image

10. Sew lining shoulder seams and main fabric shoulder seams together. Making sure to twist the straps the right way and sew right sides together.


11. Turn through and press on right side.

12. Invisible stitch the shoulder straps at should seams.


13. Fold under and sew the lining to the waist line, inside the dress. This neatens the inside of the dress.


14. Iron the seam allowance and blind hem the skirt.

image                    image

15. Press and away you go!



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