10 non-scary costumes you and your kids could wear this October

Fancy dress for me is simply to best party theme. You can have basic, ‘fancy dress’ or a themed fancy dress like, ‘London tube stations’ or ‘food brands’. But when it comes to Halloween I just don’t see the appeal.

Yes the costumes are amazing and I am impressed by how many childhood memories can be turned into horrificly terrifying outfits, but personally it’s not for me.

I have only once dressed up for Halloween, I went as a cardboard box. Best costume ever! I literally strung a huge box over my shoulders like they were dungarees.

I thought I would share with you some slightly more interesting, family friendly costumes that you could wear for Halloween.

Prop plane pilot 

A Butterfly




A Snail


A Cat




Packet of sweets


Llama – personally my favourite


Scuba diver




While most of these are for children, there is no reason you couldn’t size them up for adults.

That llama costume… That’s for me.

Let me know how you get on!


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