Homemade Board Game


Half term is upon us and while for those teachers among us, that is a relief and time can be spent catching up on sleep, for parents it means planning and preparing a weeks worth of activities, that in the more northern countries can’t be limited to going out or having good weather.

Over this week I will be sharing some ideas for activities that you can do with your children, on your own or with a loved one.

Homemade Board Game:

Board games are a great way to pass the time, but often we can get board of playing the same old games. Creating board games has been around of years, and while it does take a little while to come up with an idea, they can be really rewarding.


This is the board game that my husband and I created a few years back, incomplete and yet to be played, I’m still really proud of the final outcome and idea.

The board resembles a hill, with puddles and wood stiles leading to the well at the top. The playing pieces are animals that might be found in rural England.

What I Used:

Foam board (White)

Brown felt tip pen

Double sided sticky tape

PVA glue

Sticky back felt



Animal buttons


Small glass jar

Small bucket

Craft knife


A whole load of imagination


How I Made It:

I decided I wanted a tiered game and needed a way of creating a board that could be dismantled if need be. Each tier of the board has three small ‘feet’ under neither that helps to level the board.

To create the levels I cut, three circles at graduating sizes from the foam board and the nine ‘feet’ that would sit, set back from the edge of each level. These were stick down in place with double sided sticky tape. Each level had a circle cut from the centre for the bucket to go in. The bucket helps to keep the layers in place. I bought three different coloured sticky back felt sheets, which I applied to each of the levels, making sure to go over the edges to ensure a smooth finish. I snipped the fabric a little to make it lay flat on the edges. I used PVA glue to place the puddles around each level and cut holes for the stiles to sit in. The rope at the top is glued in place.

To create the stiles, I simply cut out a H shape and an I shape from the foam board. Coloured them brown and glued them together as seen in my picture.

The playing pieces are simply buttons sewn to a small felt circle.

And that is it.


I hope that this inspires you. Let me know if you have a go.


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