Rice Crispy Recipies


If you’ve got a wet day, there is nothing worse than not having anything planned, especially if you’ve got little ones around. But what do you do if you’re caught short!?!

Break out the classics. For me that means raiding the cupboards for something to make; crafty or foodie. If we head down the foodie path we can easily end up creating a mess especially if we have kids in to, but what if our ingredients were more simple?

One of the most simple baking staples, is that childhood favourite breakfast cereal, rice crispies. It’s something that my mum used to whip together in a morning if we needed cakes for a bake sale, but there are many recipes that go beyond the every day chocolate rice crispy cakes from our school days.

Today I’m sharing some rice crispy cake recipes that have a little more to them than the simple chocolate one we all know how to do with our eyes closed. Not to say that it isn’t good, but it’s good to try new things.

Stuck for Flavours:

If you’ve got the rice crispy cake sorted, but are wanting to shake it up a bit, have a look at The Crispery for some inspiation. They are an American rice crispy cake company that know how to please a sweet tooth.


Mario Star Pops


These would be great at a party, and you can make them with any cookie cutter you have at home and decorate how you like.


Nutella Balls


If you’re like me and aren’t the biggest fan of brown chocolate, why not try white or peanut butter?!


Rice Crispy Marshmallow Cheesecake:

Vanilla Bean Toasted Marshmallow No Bake Cheesecake 01


That is correct. I shall be making this soon.


Rice Crispy Macarons


Just wow! I bet I’m not the only one, who didn’t realise you could do so much with rice crispies.


Enjoying playing with those rice crispies. Let me know how you get on.


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