Fort Building


Half terms can be a difficult time. You desperately want to go outside, but more often than not, it’s wet, windy, cold and grey. On those days when it isn’t wet, you don’t want to stray too far from the home stead, but those who have gardens can head outside, however for those of use who don’t have that luxury we have to make do with the living room.

In today’s post, I will be sharing some ideas that can be used both outside and in the house to not only entertain the young, but the young at heart. Remember, my husband and I use these as date night ideas.

Fort Building

Basic Materials:

Clips / Clamps / Pegs

Bed sheet (flat is better) / Fabric / Curtains / Throws

Torch / Glow stick

Cushions / Pillows

Rope / String / Shoe laces

Card board boxes / other stack-able items

Suction cups with hook (For those who want to go all out)


With these basic materials you can create a whole fort house, both inside and outside, dependent on weather.

Check out these fort ideas other people have come up with.

Fort Self-Sufficient


"instead of tables, tents <3" this would be SO awesome! But weird too XD:


table fort + fairy lights- the 4 Gonzo kids built one today- added a carpet, fairy lights, pillows, comfy blankets a side table - they also hung art in theirs. I fitted a king size flat sheet over the table (wrapped like a present) for a more structured feel.:


Things to do with kids --Website with literally hundreds of cool things to do with kids! From things to do at home to where to go to do things with kids in specific areas or cities. VERY useful site FULL of information:


If you want to impress me....This is the way to go... Joy x:


Use blankets to cover your walls and ceilings and create drapery that gives the illusion that the whole party is one giant blanket fort. Guests will love it:



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