Homemade Movie

If you have ever seen the film Be Kind Rewind, you can imagine the joys of making and watching homemade movies.

This half term, why don’t you have a go at making at homemade made movie of your own. Here are some things you will need to think about.

How to Make a Movie:

  1. Concept – What your movie is about.
  2. Script – create the story for your movie; who says what, to who, where and when.
  3. Story board – plan out each shot for your film, think about light, props and viewing.
  4. Cast – pick your players; family, friends, pets, stick figures etc.
  5. Location – where you are going to film your movie; home, garden, park, make sure you get permission before you film in public places.
  6. Effects – think about how you are going to achieve your special effects; visual or practical.
  7. Shoot your film!!
  8. Edit your film. (techradar has a list of the best free software)
  9. Final cut – Create the final cut for your film.
  10. Show – share your film with those who helped you make it, friends and family.

Here are some of the best short films I’ve found on youtube that I just love, to give you some inspiration





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