Birthday Week – Yo Sushi

Like I said in my post yesterday, this is the week leading up to my birthday and to share a little of myself with you I’m blogging about a few of my favourite things.

Today is Yo Sushi!



Yo Sushi is a Japanese sushi restaurant. That compromises two of my favourite things. Japan and Sushi!


Since I hit my teenage years I have loved Japan and their culture. I starting watching a lot of anime (while that varied between Chinese and Japanese) and tried to teach myself how to speak the language to minimal avail. Genki desu ka?

Click here if you want to have ago yourself.

I looked into going out there for a Gap year to teach English as a Foreign Language, but I chose to do a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) course in the UK instead. That means  I can go to any country to teach English if I wanted.

I even spent a load of time reading books to teach me about Japanese culture, my favourite is Hokkaido Highway Blues and there was a BBC series, with Jonathan Ross, that looked in-depth into Japanese culture called Japanorama.


Yo Sushi:

Yo Sushi is an amazing restaurant that has one of those, ever entertaining, magnetic conveyer belt thingys.

If you go on a Monday you can get a lot more for your money, as they have Blue Monday’s, meaning some of their dishes have been lowered in price to be the same as their blue plates, (they have a colour system; each colour plate has a different price tag).

However if you don’t go on a Monday it is helpful to know how to get the most for your money.

This is what I would recommend:

Miso Soup (Unlimited refills)  Edamame

source                                                                                                                          source

 Crispy Salmon Skin Hand Roll  Spicy Chicken Salad

source                                                                                                                             Source

 Spicy Pepper Squid                       japple Japple

source                                                                                                                             Or just the apple gyoza if this isn’t available


Totalling: £15.40

Just remember they charge for the water at the tables, it’s about £1.40, but it’s not tap water, and if it is, it’s been well filtered.

What are your favourite Yo dishes, or recommendations for Japanese restaurants/books?


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