The Three Biscuiteers

“why send flowers when you can send biscuits?”


This weekend I had the pleasure of not only spending my Birthday doing some awesomely fun things, but also doing them with some awesomely fun friends of mine.

On Friday, we went to a small cafe just of Portobello Road, where we not only had a really lovely hot chocolate and hid from stormy English weather, but spent a good while decorating some tasty biscuits!


Biscuiteers started as an online store with the tag phrase, “why send flowers when you can send biscuits?” and has taken off since then.

Biscuiteers had continued to grow, from being an online biscuit store, sending beautiful and yummy biscuits to your loved ones, to a craft cafe, where you get to decorate your own beautiful biscuits.

When we arrived we spotted the distinct illustrated store from down the road, excited to get out of the rain and have a warm drink, we nipped through the open door and found a plethora of colourful and ornate biscuits lining the shelves and tables of the shop floor.

Having been offered a seat and a drink, we were brought up the selection of biscuits we could choose to decorate and the different coloured icing bags. The moment the demonstration ends and you are left to create designs of your own on your biscuits, your mind goes blank, but it is almost comforting to know your biscuits won’t be as good as those on the shop floor, at least mine weren’t.

We had such a wonderful time, relaxing chatting and admiring the way the business worked. Even the seats we sat on were brilliant.

I am sorry to say that I don’t have pictures of my biscuits; one is a gift for Christmas, and I ate the other two, but here are some of my favourite boxes from Biscuiteers online:



Beatrix Potter Biscuit Tin – £42.50




Fashionista Biscuit Tin – £39.50




Vintage Traveller Biscuit Tin – £30.00


If you’re ever around Portobello Road, you should definitely check them out, even if you only get a biscuit for yourself.

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