Wringer and Mangle Restaurant – Review

One of the more established and down right brilliant places to visit has to be this restaurant.


The latter part of Saturday evening, with friends in tow for my Birthday celebrations was partially amazing and partially abysmal.

Google maps is a life saver at times, but when someone puts in an incorrect address for a restaurant, 20 minutes walk away from where the actual restaurant is, and it’s raining, it is not long before you want to throw your phone on the floor, give up and go home.

Thankfully my friends and I have a little more patience than some and persevered to find the real Wringer and Mangle Restaurant next to London Fields Tube station in Hackney.

wringer and mangle long logo


Hackney for a while has been an up and coming place to visit for good food and entertainment. One of the more established and down right brilliant places to visit has to be this restaurant.

There is a stunning heated outside seating area at the entrance to the restaurant which leads though to an open plan dining area, kitted out with the traditional Yuccie decor.


And no, I don’t know what were in the jars.

We had THE BEST food that we had had for a while. The pork cheek was so tender we didn’t need a knife to cut it and my friends who had the chicken was equally as amazed at the quality of the food.

The prices were, what we as Londoners would say were, normal, but for those coming from outside of London you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of £12-£25 per person for a main meal.

One of my friends on arrival remembered that he had payed a gig here in the past, in what I can only assume is a convention room underneath the restaurant, but it is good to know, that you could easily spend a whole evening here if you were travelling a fair distance.

So if you’re ever in the area, it’s well worth a visit.


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