British Museum of Food – Review

food is more than simply something you eat, it is an experience to be enjoyed.


Sunday was my actual Birthday and therefore the final part of the Birthday celebrations.

For this we headed into London to visit the British Museum of Food, set up in Borough Market, (perfectly placed) only a short walk from London Bridge.

The British Museum of Food has been set up by Bompas & Parr, who are renowned for their work with Jelly and other, sometimes insane food and drinks installations, all aimed at engaging the audiences other senses when it comes to food, because for some people food is more than simply something you eat, it is an experience to be enjoyed.

The museum is set up in a small building with 4 exhibition rooms, a stairway gallery and the main desk with a shop. While the building is small, they have worked hard to make the £5 entrance fee worth while, having a multi sensory experience of being swallowed, taking part in an experiment where you get to eat chocolate, entering an almost Chocolate factory style butterfly room, having vast collections of menus from an array of places around the world and times gone by to present day as well as having a stunning collection of art pieces all relating to food. It is hard to imagine how they crammed it all in.

I have to say that the £5 entrance fee was worth it. Bompas & Parr have really put in the effort to create an interesting and original museum dedicated to food, I can only hope that it becomes a permanent fixture with new installations frequenting the exhibition rooms.

Here are a few picture from the museum.

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