Haché – Burger House Review

My friends and I are on a quest to discover some of London’s best burger joints and hidden cocktail bars.

This weekend we headed into Shoreditch, which for a number of years now has been home to a foodie favourite of mine, being the bagel shop closest to the end of Brick Lane.

But we were not there to get my fix of salt beef. We were on the hunt for a particular gourmet burger bar called Haché Burgers. Well known for having the best burgers in London.

Hache - burger


Arriving at around 7pm on a Saturday night, you’d think that getting a table in a popular burger bar in a popular part of town would be difficult, but we were seated on arrival right next to a view of the kitchen. I mention this because we were hungry and watching all the burgers be taken out for those lucky customers who got there before us, set our stomaches going.

My compadres went for the Steak Canadian; sweet cure bacon and melted mature cheddar cheese, which they said was amazing, and probably one of the best burgers they had ever had. While I went for the Catalan; grilled chorizo sausage, fresh chilli and tomato jam.

With each burger costing around £10, the burgers were in competition with GBK and Byron on taste to price ratio. It would be unfair to compare a Big Mac to a gourmet burger as there would simply be no competition.

My husband and I, having eaten at GBK and Byron on more than one occasion, would say that out of the two, Byron has the best burger, but comparing the B-Rex (Bryon) to Haché is another game altogether. Haché provided a much wider variety of options, many with interesting and sometimes odd ingredients. Take for instance the Steak Louisiana; crunchy peanut butter and mature cheddar cheese, certainly doesn’t come under average burger contents.

I would say that flavour wise the Catalan was stunning. Enough sweetness from the jam, enough heat from the chilli, a bit of a kick from the chorizo and of course a really good quality beef patty (medium rare). However, I can’t say I was all pleased with the burger. For me the chorizo was a little too chewy which didn’t help with trying to eat a burger in the most lady like way possible. But to have the option of a ciabatta or brioche bun defiantly adds some class.

We all went for those little extras on the side; sweet potato fries, onion rings, halloumi and olives. But I wouldn’t say you need them, or are really worth having. My olives were pretty boring, and the halloumi salad starter was nothing more than a nice starter, when you compare it to the burger.


Overall I’d say I would need to try each and every burger on the menu to get a good idea of what Haché has to offer, which I don’t think anyone would complain about. As for the Catalan, I’d say it was on par with the B-Rex, but if that chorizo wasn’t so rubbery, that might have just swayed it.


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