Callooh Callay -Hidden Bar Review

If you saw my post from yesterday you would have read that we are on the hunt for the best burger bars and hidden cocktail bars in London.

Having throughly enjoyed eating our burgers we headed off into the streets of Shoreditch to find Callooh Callay, which is said to have a secret hidden bar. I do understand that by posting about it, I’m revealing the secret, but if no-one spreads the word, it wouldn’t be much fun either.


On arrival we found a nice little space for the four of us to sit and almost immediately were given water to drink. We like this touch as it shows class, you wouldn’t be given a glass of water with or even before your alcoholic beverage at Weatherspoons now would you? This was topped up the whole evening without us even batting an eye lid. GREAT service.

We were also handed the cocktail menu, which is actually a fun sticker book, and yes if you complete it, you get a prize!


Having ordered out cocktails from the nice Italian waiter, we awaited our interestingly named and surprisingly concocted beverages.These were not your ordinary Pino Colada or Rum and Coke.


We enjoyed our drinks in the first room of Callooh Callay, but we had our hearts set on something a little more private.

Callooh Callay is known to have three rooms, the first is what you see from the street, where we had our first drink. The second is though, none other than a wardrobe that can be found at the back of the first room. But the third room is the secret bar. Jub Jub. Invite only. Re-enter the nice Italian waiter.


Jub Jub is a small separate bar that can be found above the smaller bars below, through a coded door. You can book to get into Jub Jub, but thanks to our super friendly waiter, we were able to get a table on the night.

Now to go to a secret room to have the same experience as everyone else would be a bit a of let down, but Jub Jub doesn’t disappoint. Every three weeks one of the bar staff from Callooh Callay takes over the Jub Jub bar and creates a whole cocktail menu on a theme of their choosing. While we were there the theme was…



Each of us choose a different drink from a different decade, but personally I think mine was the best; Fresh off the Boat, a sweet drink themed on the end of the second world war.



We enjoyed Callooh Callay and the Jub Jub bar, in equal measure, which I guess means, you don’t need to go to this secret bar to enjoy the rest of it.


2 thoughts on “Callooh Callay -Hidden Bar Review”

  1. I went to London Cocktail Club by Goodge Street the other day which was fab and kind of hidden! We booked a table to avoid that standing malarkey but the drinks were awesome! and 2 for £12 as it was before 7…


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