If patience is a virtue, why aren’t we willing to wait?

As Christmas gets ever closer, and the shelves in stores everywhere begin to, more quickly loose their stock, we can often end up exaggerating the especially western view point of, all for one and if you get in my way I will either complain or silently judge you.

Today has been one of those days, so I apologise for coming across a little blunt.

For me being patient has been something I have found attractive from a very young age. It is something I have seen demonstrated in a number of ways, that most people wouldn’t comment on.

Take for instance any princess from a Disney film (old school), they graciously walk and reply without haste, showing patience in action and thought.

I have a strange love for etiquette, because I find being graceful and patient really quite beautiful.

And watching films or reading books about the middle/upper classes in the olden days e.g. Pride and Prejudice. You don’t see Jane Beckett doing much without thinking about it first.
And yet, as a western culture we tend to always verge on the opposite side of this. Speed is of the essence, time is money and the individual is always right, even when they’re not.
My friends will know that I often comment on the way people drive, particularly when people don’t bothering to use their indicators, because the car infront, behind, the pedestrian and the person on their bike, should all know what to expect, even when they’re not expecting it.

Or when you’re waiting to pull out at a T section, and a car very kindly lets you pull out infront of them, only to get annoyed with you for not pulling out fast enough in the 1/2 second they gave you to actually complete the action.

I don’t believe it is that hard, to wait another 5 seconds for a car to pull out, especially if you chose to let them pull out infront of you.

Or that flicking your indicator on before turning a corner is just too much to except from a learned driver…

Similarly; at the check outs. The cashier hands you the receipt and not 2 seconds later they are throwing the next persons food shopping at you, while you try to simultaneously, pack the last few bits of your shopping, grab the shopping bag, put your change/card back in your purse/wallet, find somewhere to stash the receipt and not walk straight into the on coming trolley traffic, all headed for the exit.

Just wait, let me get my stuff together, then you can serve the person whose being impatient behind me. 5 seconds isn’t much to ask for.

While this is mostly me ranting about how people are impatient, it is also important to note why patience is a virtue.

How others see you:

Being patient shows others that you care; about them and about what you are doing. You come across as being more graceful, content and peaceful.

How you see you:

You will begin to appreciate the small things more, you will have more time to think and you will feel more peaceful and content.

It’s not an easy thing, especially when the western world demands for a fast paced society, but think of it as being a way to escape the buzz of modern life.

Walk to the shops (if you can), smile at people on the street, wait for the green man at the crossing.

Small things that take seconds of your time, but give you back your peace of mind.



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