Lumiere London – Review

Lumiere London is a light show like no other. Set up across London we found it more like a treasure hunt than an art exhibition, which made walking around London that little more purposeful, not that you need a reason to walk around London for a few hours.

Having been held in a few cities previously we kind of knew what to expect and indeed many of the pieces were being re used in this years show.

Here are some of my snaps from the evening:

Oxford Street – definitely one of my favourite pieces from the evening. These light up stick men performed a glowing show for us and in all honesty there were seconds when I forgot where I was, and the immense crowd that surrounded me and simply enjoyed the show.

 Trafalgar Square – probably one of the least beautiful pieces, but I’m sure we can all understand what it represents… Yes, that is rubbish thrown into one of the fountains.

Carnaby Street – this is a pretty current instalment, with the Edison bulb becoming a design feature in all those trending stores and online inspiration pictures.

 Westminster – this has to be another beautiful piece, mostly because they must have spent a lot of time placing the colours so perfectly, you may think that they could always be there. It’s showing how on the inside of these types of buildings the statues and figurines are decorated in glorious colours.

Regent Street – I really liked these giant swimming Koi on Regent Street. They were being pulled by a single person and they moved so elegantly, it really did make you feel like you could be in a fish tank or pond. Plus they changed colour.

Widow display at Liberty- as usual Liberty took an elegant piece of work to display in their window, which I’m sure encouraged people to go in, but the crowd outside much like outside all these pieces was a bit too big to spend more than a minute looking at it. I cannot count the times I almost got swept away with the crowd.

Leicester Square – a light up garden, again making you feel very small, and almost like you were in th chocolate factory. Some flowers were more beautiful than others. But like nature I guess that’s personal preference.

 Just opposite Charing Cross Station – this snippet of some light up balloon dogs was so hard to get to I didn’t want to stick around to see the whole thing. But they are cute.

All in all the event was intereting. I can’t say I’d go again, unless I knew it would be on a week day evening. Purely because of the crowds.

But if you are a budding night time photographer, I would take a look next time it’s up, as there are definitely some prize shots to be found, both from the buzz of the lights and the people who are attending.

Plus London is beautiful to walk around at night.


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