Party Ideas – Garden Party

Part of the joy of creativity is being able to share the things you make with the people you love and other creatively minded people.

A way in which I like to share my creativity is by hosting parties. This can include, but is not limited to; creating the invites, decorating the location, creating all the food, or simply buying food and making it look good on a table, creating the drinks, or again buying them and making them look good for the guests, creating a playlist that suits the occasion, although this takes a long time when you’ve got eclectic taste like me and even creating what my husband and I are wearing, probably more appropriate for a costume party, but I do like making a variety of things.

To help those of you who are also budding creative hosts get the ideas flowing and to help fine tune the details of a good party, here is my list of themed party ideas for people or pets aged 1-101.

The idea of a Garden party can be interpreted in many different ways, and depending on where you come from this idea can take many different forms. Take for instance a cold climate with lots of grass, but also lots of rain. Having a barbecue style picnic seems a little too optimistic, but take that party inside a big greenhouse for afternoon tea style picnic, and you’re onto a winner.

Here are some of my favourite Garden Party themed party favourites that can be used at any kind of event in almost any weather:

source          garden party table source

bruchetta bar source

garden party drinks source


garden scrabble source

I love these so much I’m wanting to plan a garden party right now!

What are your favourite garden party ideas?


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