Wardrobe Organisation – 3 of each; having a clutter free wardrobe, without loosing expression or style

If you’re like me you will have already scoured the internet to find the right ‘capsule’ wardrobe that allows you to declutter, but maintain your individualised fashion style.

For me I loved looking at the monotone and neutral wardrobes that looked clean and clutter free. Often with the perfect selection of designer tees, jeans and heels. HOWEVER this is not representative of my style, and when I was looking up capsule wardrobes that included personal style, there wasn’t really anything that stuck out.

Having read a few blogs that talked about categorising your wardrobe to find out what kinds of clothing you had, in order to declutter, I realised mine fell into 3 (main) categories. I’m sharing this with you, in that hope that there are others out there who would benefit from a similar wardrobe cleanse.

3 of Each:

  1. Smart – these are clothes that fall under the ‘black tie’ title. Stuff you would wear either entirely smart, or smart casual.
  2. Casual – these are clothes that fall under the ‘chilled’ title. Stuff you would be happy to lounge around the house in (other than your pjs).
  3. Colourful – these are clothes that fall under the ‘fashion of the time’ or ‘stuff I just like’ title. Which literally means anything with colour, print, pattern, or just bold and bright.

For those of you with fashion knowledge these might sound quite similar to the staple, classic and fad fashion themes that categorise the high-street sales. And you’d be correct, I generally have an item from each theme per type of clothing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a huge bulging wardrobe, nor do I have endless money to spend on new clothes each season. I am just savvy with my spending and buy stuff I will wear.

N.B. I use the wears per pound approach. The more I spend on an item, the more I expect to wear it. If I wear it equal to or more than the amount I paid for it, it was worth the money, e.g. £120 boots worn 150 times = worth the money.

With this in mind here is a run down or my wardrobe contents (shoes, underwear and sports kit are exempt, because I can’t bear to part with a single pair of shoes and underwear and sports kits are different):


Maxi, midi and mini skirts – three of each length

Shorts, jeans, trousers and leggings – three of each, one extra pair of jeans as the casual trousers, but these could be harem or joggers

Tanks, tees, long sleeves – three of each

Jumpers, cardigans, blazers – three of each, my casual blazer is a hoodie

Jackets/coats – waterproof, smart, leather (I also have a range of scarves to match different looks)


Dresses are broken down into further groups:

Maxi, midi and mini dress length

Strapless, strappy, short sleeve, long sleeve

Smart, casual, colourful

No more than one of each, e.g. only one smart, maxi, strapless dress


I am still working through my wardrobe getting rid of clothes I don’t like, don’t wear and those that don’t fit either my body or style anymore.





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