Bathroom Organisation – Out of sight out of mind

Everyone loves a good clean bathroom, mostly because it makes the room appear to be cleaner than it probably is. We can’t give the bathroom a proper clean everyday, now can we!

The best way I’ve found to maintain a clean looking and easier to clean bathroom, is to have an out of sight rule.

Anything that is out, needs to be cleaned, and therefore the less that is out, the less needs to get cleaned. Obviously you would clean in cupboards etc. monthly, but weekly or daily is unnecessary.

In order to best organise the bathroom, I categorise the stuff that is kept out of sign.

My husband and I bought this storage unit for our bathroom, specifically to help keep categories of bathroom bits separated. Along with a mirrored wall cabinet.


Our categorises go something like this:

His – daily items: bottom shelf, wall unit. Other: top left draw, floor unit.

Hers – daily items: top shelf, wall unit. Other: top right draw, floor unit.

Spare bathroom items e.g. toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, cotton buds, cotton balls – middle draw floor unit.

Lesser used items e.g. hair trimmer – bottom draw, floor unit.

I tend to keep the spare towels in the airing cupboard and the towels in use on the towel rail above the radiator.

Larger items that can’t fit in the units are placed out of the way, with the intention of buying products that do fit next time.

It’s not the perfect bathroom, but all real organisation is a work in progress, and you have to find ways that work for you and your household.


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