Party Ideas – Craft and Create Party

Part 4 of my quest to help those of you who are budding creative hosts, get some ideas flowing and help fine tune the details of a good party, takes the form of a craft and create theme, probably most popular with the ladies, but lets not forget that knitting was used by sailors to make jumpers out of old fishing nets.

The idea of a craft and create party doesn’t really have a specific use. It can be suitable for almost any occasion and indeed, can be incorporated into any other theme too. They key to having a good craft and create party is to stick to one craft.

Here are some of my favourite craft and create party themed findings:

create-invite source

With an invite like this, you can assume your guests will think they will be sewing small items using felt and trimmings.

create-decorations source

I LOVE THESE. And will be making some for my next party, plus they are super easy to make.

craft-food source

I like how these biscuits are basic shapes, with simple decoration to look like cross stitch  and buttons.


Seeing as craft beer refers to a beer made in a small brewery rather than by machinery, we can translate that to any drinks made in your kitchen are craft. Kind of. But if we go with that theme here is a great recipe for pineapple beer that you can serve at your craft party. Craft… get it?

create-drinks source




Because, who doesn’t love a good bit of Jazz music.


This list is for general parties, but here is a list of possible craft ideas you could plan:

Baby bib decorating (fabric paint/pens)

Stone painting (paint, glitter, markers)

Calendar making (mini calendar, card, glue, glitter)

T-shirt decorating (fabric paint, dye, fabric glue, trims and things)

Bag decorating (fabric paint, dye, fabric glue, trims and things)

Shoe decorating (cheap pumps and fabric pens/paints, glitter, trims and things)

Knicker making (fabric, thread, ribbon, elastic)

Ceramic decorating (ceramic paints/pens, pre-made ceramics)

Needle felting (wool, needles, foam, styrofoam shapes, wire)

Mask decorating (pre-made masks, paint, glitter, glue, trims and things)


There are so many possibilities here, any more ideas?


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