Sustainability for most of us, is important. We have heard and understood so much about how the way we live our lives affects the world around us, and most of us are taking steps towards helping establish ways to live our lives more sustainably.

Sweden is a country well known for their actions and beliefs behind sustainable lifestyles, and as an extension to this they have taken on a huge subject of waste, that affects much more than most people would realised. Fashion.

Most of our clothes go through an elongated process in order for us to be able to wear them. Take for instance a pair of jeans. The cotton has to be grown (generally using pesticides to help them, which affects the heath of the farmers, neighbours, and when washed away the water streams, animals and people who drink from them and animals that live in them), the cotton has to be picked (this can be done by hand, or machine. If done buy hand the workers generally will be paid very little and expected to work very hard. If done by machine, there is likely to be job loss and of course the contribution to carbon fumes), the cotton will then need to be cleaned (using lots of water and chemicals, likely to be passed into water streams causing pollution to drinking water for humans and animals), the cotton needs to be spun into yarn (the creation of cotton yarn that is synonymous with British heritage is also well known for the unhealthy side affects), the fabric needs to be woven (often by machine means that there are fewer jobs available, and if done by hand, pay and working conditions are likely to be bad or worse), the garments need to be cut and sewn together (the garment will probably be made in a third world country where laws on working conditions are only beginning to be policed), there will be transportation at every stage (each stage of the process will have needed transportation and by this point it will have travelled to two or maybe three countries), the product is sold to us (as we all know some of our textiles products are sold to us at an extremely low price, great for us, but is it great for the environment and the people who helped to create it?), we have the garment (if it’s fashionable enough, and good quality enough, we’ll keep it for a few years then probably throw it in the bin).

All of this can seem really daunting and overwhelming, but there are many more companies who are trying to battle this.

Enter Sharewear.

“Sweden is launching ShareWear, as part of the Democreativity initiative, that aims to inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable. It’s a ready-to-share collection with Swedish fashion pieces that you can borrow – but only if you share it forward.”


Sharewear allows you, the consumer the ability to be in fashion, but also maintain a sustainable wardrobe. A little like buying clothes second hand, Sharewear is all about passing your clothes on, except you don’t pay for them. The only rule is that after having the item for a week you post it on Instagram with the hashtag #Sharewear for the next intelligent person to take it on from you. This means that one item of designer quality and style can be reused again and again and again, until it gets to a point where the garment can no longer be used, but the amount of wear that garment will get will surpass what most of us will get out of a lot of our clothes.

This isn’t something I’ve just seen on the internet and liked the look of. I have got involved in this scheme and for this week am in position of this little beauty…

FullSizeRender 2

So, if you fancy getting your sustainable fashion fix for FREE, follow my Instagram and when I post a picture of the jacket with the hashtag #Sharewear next week, be the first to comment (UK London only) and you will be the next to have this in your wardrobe. If you’re not from the UK keep an eye out for Sharewear items that maybe in your country.




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