Kitchen Organisation – Using space you didn’t know you had

The key with kitchen organisation, much like bathroom organisation is to have as little out as possible. There are obviously things that you will want to have out, like a nice looking set of scales, or things that are useful to have out, like your knives. But for small buildings and especially small kitchens, having more out, means less space to create.

Having lived in a small flat for two years, I learnt to value kitchen counter surface, especially when you haven’t done the washing up. So here are my tips on making the most of the space in your kitchen, whether or not it’s a big one or a dinky one.

Spice Racks

I don’t think I can name one person who doesn’t have or want a really good spice rack. in fact it was a friend of mine who loved my spice rack, who suggested to do a serious of home organisation blog posts.

But nice spice racks can be expensive, or look great on the shop floor/website, but when you get them home are totally impractical. My way around having a spice rack in our first home, was to buy these little gems from Ikea!


You can see from the picture that they were made to keep your bits and bobs contained.

However there is one flaw with the design. How can I tell my paprika, from my curry powder and chilli powder without opening the jar and wasting time? Enter the sharpie (or for those organised enough to have one, a label maker). I simply wrote the name of the spice on the lid, before I popped the spice in.

Problem number 2, you don’t have a metallic wall on which to mount said spice pots. If you have a fridge, then you have a magnetic surface. Scrap the gordie fridge magnets and in their place, have your individualised, easy access spice rack. The containers are really quite strong so there is no fear of them falling off when you close the door too hard either.

The best thing about these containers is that you can actually measure out the required tsp, TBSP or whatever much easier than from the shop bought pots. Infant you can save money not buying the pots at all and go straight for the bags from a specialised shop.

Herb Garden

When you’re in a small flat, having space for plants is a novelty, and when you’re busy, keeping them alive is even more tricky. Having read plenty of blogs about storing herbs in ice cube trays filled with water, or oil, it seemed a bit much when I cam simply pop any left over fresh herbs in the top draw of my freezer.

Done. Obviously if you want to use the ice cube tray with water or oil because it’ll be more useful to you, go ahead!

frozen-mint-leaves-lovely-in-a-glass-of-water-and-healthy.jpg source

Pantry (or the biggest cupboard you’ve got)

This one I haven’t done yet, but am sure to do in the near future.

We’ve all got the one large cupboard that we use for all our dry goods, however when we clear it out, and for some that is annually, we often find random and what would have been useful items hidden in the back.

What better way to access the full range of items in your store cupboard than by placing them on a lazy Susan.

Most commonly used to help share food at a dinner party, the lazy Susan can double as a neat way of utilising space in a cupboard. Bear in mind that if you are redecorating your kitchen , you can have these built into corner units, which is a very good idea, if you ask me.

organized-baking-zone source


The key I’ve found to keeping a clutter free kitchen is to buy what I need. Yes there are some things you just want to keep in the cupboard for emergency, but you don’t need endless supplies of everything. Plan your meals a week ahead and buy what you need. Keep tabs on staple ingredients like flour, eggs and milk, and buy more regularly in smaller proportions (depending on your price range and needs).

If you’re working to a budget, buy the exact quantity that you will actually use, because wasted food is wasted money, and unnecessarily contributes to landfill.



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