Living room Organisation – storage as display, tucking things away

The living room, depending on who you share your home with you, can be a peaceful, relaxing space, or feel like the entrance to a dump.

Either way there are small things you can do to encourage a more organised living area.


There are now so many different types and styles of furniture that you can get ranging in price. Finding the right kind of furniture for you living space, needs to be more than just what fits, physically and/or stylistically. If you’ve got lots of stuff that you’d like to hide away consider a sofa with inbuilt storage.

My husband and I bought a corner sofa from Ikea (yes, we love it there). That not only has storage for most of our spare bedding, but is actually a double bed as well. Win!


You can also get chairs, ottomans and coffee tables, that double as storage (not just available from ikea, obviously).

Book Shelves

Book shelves aren’t just for books, many of the best looking book shelves are also decorated with plant pots, memorabilia, photos and nic-nacs. Just make sure you don’t over load the book shelf with too much stuff and to weigh the balance of  items other than books to keep the flow, e.g. don’t have all the big items on one shelf and all the small items on another, you want to mix them up and spread them out.

main.original.640x0c source

Wall Space

Filling your wall space is just as much about balancing weight as is a book shelf. But you don’t have to stick to just the ordinary prints, posters and paintings for your walls to look great, they can be functional too.

We have a guitar hook on our wall that allows us to display our guitars, but also to access them more easily and keep them off the floor.


How you use your living room is up to you, you might use it as a living/dining room, or as a play room for the children. It might be an adult only area or your whole home for those in studio flats. Whatever it is, I hope you find this useful, and let me know if you’ve tried any!


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