Party Ideas – Futuristic Party

Robot and apocalyptic style ideas are just two, but you can easily take inspiration from popular movies and books.


Part 6 of my quest to help those of you who are budding creative hosts, get some ideas flowing and help fine tune the details of a good party, takes the form of a futuristic theme, probably most popular with the younger gentleman, but it’s a great theme for an original party.

A futuristic party can take many different forms that you may or may not have already thought about: robot and apocalyptic style ideas are just two, but you can easily take inspiration from popular movies and books like Star Wars, The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, Avatar and Tomorrowland, to name just a few. These ideas can be developed into an amazing party idea for; birthdays, halloween and many others.

Here are my list of futuristic party theme ideas:





You can make a backdrop like this from black fabric, spray bleach and fabric paint.

Alternatively you could go for decorations more like this;



or even like this;





simply edible spray all your food random unnatural colours, like this blue strawberry…


or choose from one of these aptly named sci-fi drinks (for adults only I’m afraid)




If you are one for the odd game at a party then this one is a must!

It’s called “Obstacle Course”

A great favourite with practical jokers, this game can only be played once with the same group of people because it’s an experience they’re unlikely ever to forget. An obstacle course is laid out in the lounge or garden, complete with tipped-up chairs, glass wear, the best chins tea service, marbles and drawing pins. Volunteers are enlisted and are led around the course once before being taken away to another room and blindfolded. In their absence, all of the obstacles are cleared away. Blissfully unaware of the subterfuge, the first blindfolded volunteer is brought in and taken gingerly around the non-existent course by one of the devious party goers. After stepping delicately over thin air and ducking under imaginary dangers, the poor victim is finally told that the ordeal is over. Only when the blindfold is removed does acute embarrassment sink in. When composure has been regained, the victim derives enormous pleasure from leading in the next unsuspecting performer. The game continues until the novelty wears off.


Being a bit of a costume lover, I can’t find just one suitable costume idea for this theme so here are a few that are either amazing, or too good not to include:


What have been some of your favourite futuristic party ideas?

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