Fashion Utopias – Exhibition Review

This week, my wonderful husband accompanied me to the Fashion Utopias Exhibition at Somerset House London.


This international fashion showcase has been put together to exhibit work from young and emerging fashion designers from around the world, as well as creating an exhibition that allows experimentation based on a unified theme. This year the theme was based on a concept that we have all at some point thought of.

Utopia; an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

We can all at times wish we lived in Utopia, the reality of the situation is that we don’t, but excitingly, it means that we can work towards modelling some sort of Utopia.

The fashion showcase is a glimpse at a world created by Hatty Ellis Coward, with 24 contributing countries and 80 designers work. The result of which is an interesting journey that illuminates our global desires for peace with each other and the Earth we are stewards of.

Austria had an eclectic mix of designers work that showed a turn towards the digital and away from boundaries currently in place by the fashion industry.

My favourite of these designers work however, has to be from Isabel Helf who has create the most functional hand bags I’ve ever seen.


You would be correct in seeing that one of those hand bags has a watercolour pallet built in. And that there is another one, with a wooden holder for a mobile, hidden in the base of the bag. Made from wood, leather and brass, I haven’t seen such beautiful and practical bags as this. If you want to see more of her stuff visit her website here.


The Czech Republic had a beautiful collection of items, my favourites coming from Tereza Rosalie Kladosova, who used pieces from her 2014 collection Miau, designed with homemade ideals, going back to time where people knitted and crochet their own clothes. Plus she used colours that make me happy!


To see more of her work head to her website here.

Another product from this room that caught my attention looks a little like a wig made for a Ken doll or some extravagant music video. Called Hair Hats, I’m not sure if I want one, but they sure look cool. Designed by Safya Samareva, you can see more of her work here.


I think the thing I liked most about the Czech Republic room, was that there was a sense of humour. That fashion isn’t about being serious and sombre, it’s about fun, like they say, you either laugh of cry, and I for sure would rather be laughing.


Guatemala had some stunning pieces of jewellery, based on the idea of worry dolls, the colours and textures were in keeping with the traditions of their cultural heritage.


Slovakia had to be one of the more on trend rooms with items I would happily be wearing right now. Literally. One of these pieces is by Andrea Pojezdalova using traditional textiles techniques in modern forms. See more of her work here.


Another item was an amazing Kingsize clutch from Barbora Kubickova. Who can be found on tumbler here.


And lastly this ensemble from Petra Kubikova, whose work can be seen here.



Overall this was an amazingly inspirational exhibition. There are so many individual items that I could have mentioned, but so as to not leave them out, I’ll put them here so you can have a gander if you want.


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