Party Ideas – Jungle Party

Part 7 of my quest to help those of you who are budding creative hosts, get some ideas flowing and help fine tune the details of a good party, takes the form of a Jungle theme, this one is best done in the summer as I’m sure costumes will be a feature.

A jungle theme is suitable for Birthdays from the young to the old, and choice of age of jungle can allow the planner to play with the idea of Jurassic, Ice Age, Modern and those ages in-between that might be particularly favourable by the attendees. But for this I have stuck with the modern day jungle idea.

Here are my top Jungle Party Themed ideas:











A possible game for this party theme is called ‘Forbidden Fruit’

This game involves the entire party. At some stage in the proceedings, the host holds up a sealed envelope and says that its is a forbidden fruit and whoever has possession of the envelope when it is time to go home is forced to perform the final forfeit of the evening, which is written on a piece of paper inside. So from the moment of the host’s announcement, everyone is on their guard in case someone slips them the forbidden fruit. Whenever this happens, the person offloading the envelope into a pocket, handbag or whatever, must whisper to the victim that somewhere about their person is the forbidden fruit. The victim in turn tries to pass it on, but must take care not to be caught in the act, the punishment for such a crime being a forfeit. Alternatively, the game can be played using two envelops – one for containing a forfeit, the other a prize. So when the guests are told they’ve got the forbidden fruit, they are in a dilemma as to weather to keep it or pass it on.

You can also play this with coloured pegs (just don’t say which is the forfeit and which is the prize if you’re playing with two) for younger people, or if costumes lack pockets.


This one is me a few years ago… took me four hours to do my hair and make-up!


What have been some of your favourite Jungle themed party ideas?


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