Floor Planning

There is nothing worse than moving house and finding that all your furniture doesn’t fit how it used to. Or that you buy a new item and find it hard to place in a room.

Our old flat was so small that we struggled to find ways of juggling the space for multiple purposes. As a result I would often switch the room layout around in an attempt to see if it worked better in a different position or different room.

Each room was multi purposeful, and I tried every combination I could think of to make the most of the space and furniture we had. After all if the only way to create a good looking space that works, is to buy a whole new set of stuff, most of us wouldn’t manage before the next design phase came in;  ultimately a waste of time and money.

As you can imagine, luging heavy furniture around every time I wanted to re think the lay out of the room, was a bit of a chore and took up a lot of time, especially if I then realised it didn’t work out quite as I had hoped. The way in which I evolved from this was to create a movable floor plan.

The room layout is drawn up on paper with a ratio of 1:0.5 and the furniture pieces are also drawn out, but individually before being cut and labeled. This process allows me to move the furniture around a room with accuracy, without doing any of the heavy lifting. Just make sure you mark your windows, radiators and doors as open so that you aren’t placing your furniture in a way that blocks your light, or entry/exit to a room.

Once this layout style had been adopted, I used it again and again, and was able to plan how new items would fit in rooms, and whether or not we even had the space to buy them. I am pleased to say that since moving to a larger flat, all our furniture looks so much better in the rooms, rather than feeling like everything was on top of each other, but without a floor plan like this I think I might have lost my mind, not being able to make our rooms like the best they could.

Here is an example of a room layout we are considering for our bedroom.


While there are only small differences in the layout, I wanted to have a more balanced space. The wardrobe doors are huge mirrors and while that’s great for when we’re getting dress, I’m not a fan of staring at myself before I got to sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning. Hence why the bed has been moved to face away from the wardrobe. Moving the bedside tables away from the the side of the bed, is an issue for my husband as we use our bedside lamps more than the room light, but you can get remote control plugs that can be used to turn the lights on and off from the comfort of your bed. The other issue is where to keep all those little bits, like books, tissues and yes, on occasions, a mobile phone or tablet? Well having done my research it is possible to get bedside caddies that sit flush to the frame of the bed. While these are limited in style and shape, I am interested in making my own, that way we can choose the best fabric to suit our style and needs. You will see that there is a clothes stand to the left of the wardrobe, this is where my husband keeps once floordrobe, and there is a basket on the other side, which contains most of my shoes. I would like to up grade at some point, but am holding out for the possibility of a walk in wardrobe. We like to keep our laundry basket in the bedroom and to keep this somewhat hidden, I’ve placed it in the top right corner, mostly out of sight from the entrance door.



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