Heal’s Modern Craft Market

For three years Heal’s has been staging craft markets that feature some of the best designers from around the world. Between the 7th March and 24th April 2016, Heal’s flagship store on Tottenham Court Road will be hosting a handful of creatives from Ireland, with the chance to meet, discuss and witness the fantastic work that they do in creating some of the best design pieces around.


A good friend of mine and I popped into Heal’s earlier this week to have a look at the work on offer and chat with one of the Makers, Catherine Keenan.

We were of course amazed by the work on display, but equally excited to hear from one of the designers featured in the market.

We had anticipated a more structured presentation from the designers, but what we actually found was more personal and allowed us to chat freely and ask questions as they came up.

Catherine Keenan Glass


Catherine Keenan is a glass blower from Portstewart, Northern Ireland. She works to create brightly coloured mouth blown glass vessels and jewellery. Having studied and worked with glass in a number of different countries, Catherine has been able to develop a style and rhythm with her pieces that best exhibits her love for experimentation and colour.

Catherine spoke to us about the creation of some of her pieces, describing how the shapes and colours of her vessels represent sweets, but also how the detailed and interesting patterns are created using a mixture of coloured and clear molten glass. By layering the coloured glass and blowing to different sizes the colours can become more translucent revealing a more interesting colour combination. With the image above, three colours are used, with the top coat being melted through to reveal the colour underneath.



Catherine also had a range of nature inspired jewellery on display and talked us through the design process for those items too. Buy gradually twisting the coloured glass from colour to colour, the mixture graduates from purple to orange for example, meaning some beads have more purple than orange in them and others have more orange than purple in them. Catherine then goes on to arrange the beads to create a graduating colour change similar to that of a sunset or of the blues in the sky.



If you want to see more of Catherines work you can head to her website here.

She also has an easy store that sells some smaller items here.

For those of your interested in visiting Heals to see what other events are going on head to www.heals.com/events

I for one will be visiting this weekend to see a demonstration from Bunbury Boards wood turning.

And even if you’ve got a bit of time on your lunch break, and you are just pass by, there is a boding race happening on 30th March – 3rd April in the shop window.

Bodging Race


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