Art Textiles / Festival of Textiles – Exhibition Review

Last Friday the Fashion and Textiles Museum in London Bridge opened their doors to the newest exhibitions, Art Textiles – Marian Clayden as part of the Festival of Textiles 2016.

My love for textiles stems much farther than observing the bi-anual fashion weeks, and exhibitions like this rekindle my love for experimentation and textiles as an art form. If you are similarly minded, love pattern, love playing with texture and colour or are a textiles student, this is a fantastic exhibition you should definitely see.

If you have been to the Fashion and Textiles Museum before, you will know that there is a small room before the main exhibition area. This room held some pieces that showed the variety of ways textiles can be used in art.

Some of my favourite pieces can be seen below:

I really like how each piece, while only having a short description shared the process, meaning I can use the techniques in my own work.

The main exhibition area was taken up with work by Marian Clayden. The work itself shows a love for colour and texture manipulation, but Marian’s story is as inspiring as her work.

In all honesty her pieces speak for themselves and need little introduction. Mainly because many of them, do not have a specific underlying theme or back story, but simply look beautiful and where made out of a love for the craft.

Upstairs before entering the work room exhibition space, there was an really interesting selection of items from Jo Horton, who uses metallised embellishment to create delicate and original design features, like on this sheer shirt by Alan Beattie.

Alan Beattie in collaboration with Jo Horton

The final room of the exhibition, showed some of the work from previous students at the UCA collages studying Textiles. Their work showed a range of influencing styles, but also worked as promotion for the collages.

This has been one of my favourite exhibitions to date. Possibly because there were some ideas I hadn’t thought of before, maybe it was that I felt Marian Clayden shared may intrinsic love for the craft, or that there was a collection of items that encouraged me to keep making.

If you’ve been to the exhibition, I’d love to hear what your thoughts were.


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