Party Ideas – Movie Night

Part 10 of my quest to help those of you who are budding creative hosts, get some ideas flowing and help fine tune the details of a good party, takes the form of a movie night, probably one of my favourite and maybe one of the easiest to execute.

Movie nights have become more and more popular in the UK, with the introduction of movie going experiences that go beyond sitting in the cinema. Take for instance Everyman Cinemas, you get to watch an amazing film, in 4K (which is exceptional quality) seated on what is probably more comfortable then your sofa at home, with a bar and nibbles brought to you while you’re watching the film.

Or Backyard Cinema, which has literally taken the concept of a movie night in your garden and turned it into an experience. Here is a picture of the walkway to get to the screen room, having passed through a literal wardrobe…


This was for their Winterville screening over the holidays this winter.

And Future Cinema part of the Secret Cinema group, most recently known for hosting a spectacular Star Wars experience, which we sadly didn’t get time to go to, however our last visitation was for the Back to the Future event which was AMAZING! It truly is an immersive cinema experience.

While I can’t recommend these kinds of event more highly, it doesn’t mean to say you can’t plan an event in the spirit of these in the comfort of your own home. Just be aware of any legal stuff that might complicate matters.









If you’re having a Christmas Movie night, why not try this game



What’s been your best movie experience, at home or at an event?



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