Party Ideas -Murder Mystery

Part 12 of my quest to help those of you who are budding creative hosts, get some ideas flowing and help fine tune the details of a good party, takes the form of a murder mystery theme, this type of party will probably have less dancing and more of a limited guest list, which for some people is much more managable.

Murder mystery parties have been popular for a number of years now, made popular by famous TV and film inspectors such as Sherlock, Poirot, Miss Marple and Inspector Morse. However there have been a resurgence of murder mystery themed programs hitting Netflix and Amazon Prime alike – Grimm, Once Upon a Time and the X-Files to name a few(while I know X-files is old, it being back on our screens, means the theme is going to be popular again).

With this in mind, you could easily plan a murder mystery party, that steers away from the 1920’s and 1950’s themed parties of old. Enter the supernatural theme.

Here are my top super natural murder mystery theme party ideas:



I have to admit I got ever so excited when I saw this picture, I really enjoy the X-files. But taking the idea that part of your party could be the agents office, means you get to recreate this madness.



Anyone fancy some lasagne curtesy of Granny’s Diner?



Or these Grimm inspired beers?


Music inspired by the TV Series Grimm



Once Upon a Time Soundtrack


X-Files soundtrack



You probably won’t need any games for a murder mystery evening, as the idea of the evening is to un cover who the murdered is.You can always include games into the evening, but these are best done to help reveal more about the characters you are playing than for giggles.


For costumes head down the 90’s theme for X-files themes:



For Grimm



And for Once Upon a Time, this is a website that show you where you can actually buy the outfits! Like this



While you don’t have to actually base your evenings around the characters, you can take inspiration from the types of people they are.

What have been your experiences of murder mystery night?


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