Glittery Hands Box Review

The rise of the beauty subscription box peeked in 2015, but the subscription box in general is still on a rise. If beauty isn’t your main interest then there is a building range of differing categories to choose from. I love the idea of a subscription box. It’s like gifting yourself something you know you’ll like, but not actually knowing what you’re going to get until it happily plops onto your door step.

Kick Starter has been one of the user lead marketing heroes of the last few years, and subscription boxes haven’t missed this trick.

The Glittery Hands Box is the brain child of Emma Jewell from These Glittery Hands, who noticed a gap in the subscription box market or those who love crafting.

“You’ll find no filigree or cutesy teddy bears in straw hats around, its all about sass, bright, bold, statement colours and crafting the life you want to have.”

So like a lot of entrepreneurial minds she headed to Kick Starter to ensure that her users were the ones who were backing her ideas. Clever gal!

Now I wouldn’t say that I’m much of a crafter, but I do love the idea of a subscription box for creatives who don’t mind getting their hands dirty/covered in glitter.

So like all good Kick Starter users, I didn’t simply like and share the page, I backed it. My addition to the fund got me the first ever Glittery Hands subscription box.

Here is my review of The Glittery Hands Box:


When the box came through the door I was, expectedly excited to open it. Understanding that this is the first lot from a company backed by Kick Starter, I was understanding that some of the finishing touches wouldn’t be amazing, but I’m certain this is something that will improve once there are more subscribers.


Emma clearly knows that the presentation of the box is just as important as what’s in it, and I appreciated the effort that when into the colours of everything from the spotty tape to seal the box to the purple tissue paper and pink and blue giant confetti.


On opening the box there was a very sweetly hand written note from Emma describing what is in the box. To be honest I read this after looking in the box, I was too excited 🙂


An initial glance at what is in the box, shows that there is a range of useful, pretty and well thought out items relating to this months theme of Mermaid Lagoon. Some of the items are more useful to me than others, but then like I said earlier, I’m not much of a crafter.


A detailed look at the items included, shows that there is a lot you can do with what has been included in the box. I’m sure that as this box continues, the quantity and quality of the items included will improve, but I was pleasantly surprised as the effort that clearly went into sourcing and creating many of the items in the box.

I will have to think about what to make with my Glittery Hands Box, but if you keep an eye on my Instagram I’m sure I’ll post some bits soon.

For those of you who have read the whole of this blog, are in for a special surprise, in my box was a discount code that I’m going to share with you, because I not only think The Glittery Hands Box is a great idea, but want to help get the ball rolling.

By using the code, GLITTER12 you can receive 20% off your first box when you subscribe before June 1st 2016. I hope you enjoy receiving your first Glittery Hands Box, as much as I did.

Well done and thank you, Emma!

Have you backed any smaller scale or new subscription boxes lately? Let me know if they’re any good in the comments.


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