Poison Dart Frog Inspired Costume

If you have been following my Instagram, you will have seen my progression on a number of projects. One of which was a poison dart frog, themed costume for a friends Birthday party.

The process in which I created the design takes three main steps:


As soon as I found out that I was invited to a fancy dress party, I instantly started thinking about what costumes would not only be possible, but different and adaptable into clothing that I could make and wear with comfort.

I headed to Pinterest for my inspiration and soon came across three images that would form the basis for my costume.

The poison frog image,gave me the inspiration for the colours, the dress from Chloe’s Spring/Summer 16 Catwalk show, gave me the inspiration for the dress and the make-up is self explanatory.



I knew that I wasn’t going to find fabric with the print that I wanted for the costume, so I looked for ways in which I could create the pattern myself.

I bought some white scuba fabric, made the dress pattern and tie-dyed the fabric to create spots, which I then painted black.

You can see that by leaving a small amount of the tided area visible, I created the pale blue around the black spots, like those you can see in the frog picture above.

Frog Pattern

This image shows how I created the dress pattern from my dress sloper.



Here is the final costume!

Dress FrontDress BackClose-up


I love this outfit! I actually love it so much I’d probably wear the dress out again!

The only thing I would change to make it more of a costume is to create wedded hands similar to this…

webbed hands


What do you think? Had you ever attempted to create a sophisticated take on a fancy dress costume?


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