Weekly Finds – 6

Being part of a creative community not only gives us inspiration and encouragement, but also allows us to tap into a world full or well crafted and original items.

My blog isn’t aimed at creating and selling products, but helping people to build an understanding and interest in creativity.

I love the idea of sharing amazing handmade products from other creatives to inspire people to not only shop small, but appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into well made products.

Here are this weeks ten items I have been loving.


Shower That Baby

Woodland Baby Shower Bring a Book – £4.28 – Shower That Baby


Candle Lit Desserts

Mini Donut Soaps  – £6.42 – Candle Lit Desserts


Big Stuffed

Manatee Plush Toy – £117.19 – Big Stuffed


Go On Design

Bunny Family in Carrot Purse – £14.27 – Go On Design


Lure of Cripple Creek

Pick Cases – £21.41 – Lure of Cripple Creek


Coop Expert

Chicken Coop Plans – £10.27 – Coop Expert


Nest Pretty Things Shop

Colourful Tassel Necklace – £34.25 – Nest Pretty Things Shop


Norman and Bella

White Leather Flats – £102.76 – Norman and Bella


Hadys Closet

Panda Socks – £3.57 – Hadys Closet


Yasmine Layani

Long Sleeve Wedding Dress – £563.76 – Yasmine Layani

If you’ve got any items you’d like to be featured let me know!


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