Denim Skirt

There is a great deal of interest in denim this season, and being able to mix things up a bit is the key. With this in mind I have been on the look out for denim ideas for a skirt for Spring/Summer 2016.


denim skirt inspo denim pattern inspo

Whenever I think of summer I instantly think of the beach, going for a walk or a cycle along the beach for me was what summer was about, and being able to hop into and out of the sea at will would top off a great day out. The pattern on the right reminds of waves crashing and swirling and I’d love to use something like that in a design for a skirt. I love the simple shape and patch pockets of the skirt on the left, plus that light blue denim colour is super lovely and really brings out the tan on her pins!



This is what I was planning for the creation of the skirt.

Skirt Design

I used the simple shape and pockets from the denim skirt to create the shape and used the wave idea from the pattern to think of the wave across the bottom of the skirt. By using two denim fabric colours, this enhances the design of the wave and the opposite pocket, exaggerates the change in colour. I decided to have a hidden placket so the focus is on the wave rather than the button fastenings down the front.


Using my skirt sloper I created a pattern for my skirt. I took a few centimetres for the waistband off the top, and made one long strip by closing where the darts would have been. I had to draw the whole pattern out to ensure that the waves were precise on the skirt and matched for the pockets. I made sure the wave on the skirt back was balanced and met correctly with the skirt front panels. I added about 5cm onto the centre seam of the front skirt panels for the placket and made sure that the pocket placement were marked and equal to ensure the shape of the split pocket was spot on.



Here is the finished skirt!

Wave Skirt FrontWave Skirt LSideWave Skirt BackWave Skirt Side

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. The poppers I bought weren’t very good quality so I would certainly get different ones for this if I made it again. I think the colour combination works really well, but I wonder if lighter colours would have been more appropriate for summer. I think I could have made the pockets a little wider and potentially used a darker thread for the hem and dark denim pocket seam, but this is a minor detail and doesn’t directly deter from the wave effect on the skirt. I do think that while being effective, I could have made the wave more accentuated. But overall I’m pretty happy.


What do you guys think?


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