Green Marilyn Dress

Marilyn Monroe is known to be an icon of many things, fashion being one of them. She lead to way, for a lot of fashion breakthroughs for women. In 2011 the film, My Week With Marilyn was released. While I’ve not seen the film, I was interested to know that the costume designers tried to stay as close to Marilyn’s real wardrobe as possible.


Marilyn Monroe


I just love this dress. Admittedly the fit from the film, it better than the original, but there has been a lot of development in shaping and garment construction.

While I love the blue/grey colour, I am more drawn to bright autumnal colours and so I chose a green for my palette.


Green Shift Dress

This is of course an adaptation of the dress in the picture, but the shape is similar and the effect was hoped to be the same.

The bodice front it made from two layers of fabric, one gathered under the bust and the second as a lining to potentially provide more coverage. The front neckline is a wide boat neck and the back of the dress has a V that sits just above the bra line, with an invisible zip fastening down the centre back seam. Darts are placed down the front and back panels to give a figure hugging shape, with the skirt finishing mid thigh. The sleeves are an extension of the bodice panels.



I had to break the sewing down over a few days, as I was busy and at one point I had to buy more supplies! But here are some pictures taken from the #MakeDays.

And here is the finished dress!

Over all I’m pleased with the dress. The fit was good in places, but like us all, my body has changed shape and I need to update my shift pattern blocks to ensure I get the best fit, first time. I added elastic to the empire line at the front to bring the dress closer, but this of course meant that there was a little gathering below the seam.

I think if I were to make this dress again, I’d go for a gathered waist as I think it suits my figure better, and to be honest the dress Marilyn wore, was beautiful in the blue/grey anyway.

I still like the green thought.



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